Lambswool Floor Wax Applicator
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Lambswool Floor Wax Applicator
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Lambswool Floor Wax Applicator - $16.95

How to Use Ready for screw in broom handle. How To Clean Lambswool Stain Applicator: Wash with warm water after use.

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About Our Lambswool Floor Wax Applicators

Our lambswool applicators were specially made for Concrete Camouflage and are an effective way to apply concrete floor waxes. The floor wax applicator is built to work with a broom handle, serving as a wax mop head during application. The wax mop head can be made into a floor wax applicator mop with any standard screw in handle. The floor applicator is made with a soft lambswool to produce professional results when applying our top shield mop on wax or a concrete floor wax of your choosing.

The lambswool applicator was chosen so that floor wax can be applied without causing bumps or lines in the wax. The smooth texture of the floor applicator makes for easy usage without much effort. The floor wax applicators can be washed easily with warm water and dried for multiple usages and we offer lambswool applicator refills if the wax mop head wears out with continual use. The 10' width of the floor wax applicator makes waxing concrete floors an easy task.

Concrete Camouflage only puts out products that we know will work because we have done the job ourselves. We can say with confidence that the floor wax applicator is the best mop head for waxing floors for your DIY needs.

If you have questions about our lambswool applicator, how to use a floor applicator to apply wax, or questions about waxing concrete floors in general, please visit our concrete staining how to section. If you have additional questions about the lambswool applicator, feel free to reach out. We love to answer questions about concrete acid staining!