Concrete Floor Wax

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Floor Wax for Concrete Stain Floors and More, by Concrete Camouflage
Concrete floor wax acts as a shield and a sacrificial coat, preserving the integrity and beauty of your floors with a glossy or matte finish. Our top-quality concrete wax ensures enhanced durability, protecting against wear and tear. By choosing quality floor wax for concrete floors, you invest in a product that stands the test of time, offering aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. Our commitment to excellence and premium materials will make your concrete floors look their best.

Top Shield high traffic mop on style floor wax will not only enhance your stained concrete floors appearance with added depth and luster, it will also protect your concrete floors and all floors for that matter with a hard to scuff barrier, that takes the work out of waxing. No buffing required.

Easier - Greener

Top Shield high traffic liquid floor wax is made with high grade wax resins and is classified Industrial Grade. Made in the U.S.A.
Concrete Floor Wax
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About Our Concrete Floor Wax

One coat of this tough as nails concrete floor wax will last through months of heavy traffic. This concrete floor wax was originally designed for grocery and department stores.


When the concrete wax does start to dull or scuff, simply clean and re-apply a fresh coat of wax.


Apply 2 initial coats of wax to your floor and then single coats as needed for maintenance.


Covers up to 2000 sq.ft. per Gallon per Coat.


Our concrete wax can be used on any sealed surface.


While this is wax for concrete floors(specifically floor wax for stained concrete), it is great for All Types of floors, including concrete floors, wood, laminate, and tile.

Wax On Concrete Floors is Less Slippery than sealed concrete alone.

Our Concrete Floor Wax is Now Available in Both Gloss Finish and Matte Finish.
If you have any questions about how to wax a concrete floor, how to use the mop on wax in other situations, or more general questions about waxing a concrete floor, feel free to reach out. We are always happy to help!


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