How To Remove Tire Marks From Concrete

 image before we remove tire skid marks from concrete

It's time to get rid of that pesky tire scuff you've been meaning to clean up but haven't gotten around to. You've decided today is the day and you're wondering how to get tire marks off concrete. The answer is not as obvious as it might seem, but you may have realized that already if you've tried to wash it off to little avail. Luckily we've put together this guide on the best way to remove tire marks from concrete.

What you'll need to get started:

Here's our step by step guide on how to remove tire marks from concrete and get your driveway or garage floor looking pristine again.

Step 1.  Clear the concrete floor of any debris

You'll want to make sure that you get all items off your garage floor or driveway. Make sure to cover up anything that might be in the way and could get wet or damaged. You'll also want to make sure you cover up any delicate plants in the surrounding area to ensure they are protected.

Step 2. Pour degreaser on the tire marks and let it sit

Use some concrete degreaser, like our CSP Degreaser, and pour it onto the scuffs and let it set for about 30 minutes while ensuring that you don't let it dry. The key here is to not let the degreaser dry, so continue adding more as needed to keep it saturated wet. During warmer months try to do your work in the cool part of the day and with less sun so it does not dry out as quickly.

Step 3. Scrub the area with a stiff straw brush

Brush used for removing tire marks from concrete

While some people say that they only need to pour on the CSP and allow it to sit a few minutes and then it will power wash right off, we still find that scrubbing it with a straw brush usually gets it up better. Scrub the area using our high quality Straw Concrete Scrub Brush to move the degreaser around as it soaks in, and after the 30 minutes aggressively scrub it once more. You can also use a floor scrubber or floor buffing machine with the black aggressive scrubbing/stripping pad.

Step 4. Apply some more degreaser and continue scrubbing

You should apply some more degreaser after a few minutes and scrub some more. You won't usually need to do too much scrubbing at this point, but it's best to apply some more and give one last scrub.

Step 5. Wash it off with a power washer

Power washer removing tire marks from concrete

You can use a power washer or a sprayer nozzle to wash off the degreaser. If you are indoors, you can use a mop to wash it off.

Things to keep in mind

The CSP degreaser/cleaner is great for normal tire marks. Especially in garages, homeowner driveways, and the such. For really intense and massive tire marks such as on a commercial driveway or parking lot, while it usually works fine, if the CSP degreaser isn't strong enough, then you may need to move towards a harsh chemical such as Xylene. 

It's also important to note that the CSP degreaser will work to strip concrete sealers. So while it's great for cleaning and prep, you shouldn't use it on sealed concrete unless you intend to strip the surface of the sealer for re-sealing. Just be aware that you should only use the CSP degreaser sparingly on sealed concrete and understand that you are still slowly stripping the sealer.

Concrete floor cleaned of any tire marks

Planning to reseal? Make sure to check out our guide on sealing concrete  and our Clear Shield water based sealer to ensure you get a long lasting finish on your newly cleaned concrete floor.