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Pictures of Stained Concrete

At Concrete Camouflage, we love to see the work that our customers have gone out and done. We are always looking for more pictures of stained concrete projects you have done. We use this stained concrete gallery to both feature awesome designs in concrete acid staining but also to serve as inspiration. We hope you both enjoy the pictures of stained concrete and use them as inspiration for whatever your next acid stain project is. Here are some of types of concrete stain pictures that we love to see:

Pictures of stained concrete patios:
There is nothing better than a nice place to relax and take in the outdoors. If you have a couple of great stained concrete pictures of your deck or patio, please submit them.
Pictures of stained driveways:
There have been some great stained concrete pictures from what you might not think of as an interesting space. Trust me, if you stained your driveway, we would love to see it.
Interesting acid stain concrete designs:
If you put together some awesome stained concrete floor designs, we would love to see them. There is a ton of innovation among contractors and DIY creators and we love to see your amazing stained concrete floor ideas come alive.
Stained concrete floors pictures:
Our most common submissions are concrete stained floor pictures, but they never disappoint. If you have any images of stained concrete floors, we are always happy to feature them.
Pictures of acid stained concrete tables or acid stained concrete countertop:
It doesn't have to be a big concrete project for us to be interested in featuring you! If you have acid stained parts of your bathroom or kitchen, we would be happy to feature you.
Any other concrete staining pictures:
If we didn't cover something here and you have some pictures of stained concrete that you would like to share, we are more than happy to take a look and feature you. We honestly want to see as many acid stain concrete pictures as possible!

If you have any questions on staining concrete, want some tips on how to create some Pinterest stained concrete design you saw, or want to get something worthy of some stained concrete floor pictures of your own, feel free to reach out! We love talking about stained concrete. You can also see pictures of all of the colors of concrete stain we provide here.