Concrete Stain


Applying acid stain to concrete is one of the most beautiful ways to update and give new life to dull, plain concrete. A gorgeous addition to either the exterior or interior of a home or business, acid stained concrete makes an impact the second that you see it.

At Concrete Camouflage, we offer three types of concrete acid stain: Artist Grade Stain, Pro-Etch stain, and Fiesta Stain. All of these acid stains are both of the line as Concrete Camouflage was a pioneer in the concrete acid stain business and we have updated the formula to make sure that we are offering the best stain at the best price. We provide a number of different concrete stain colors, so take a look and see what is right for you.



Concrete Stain

Every concrete stain is made in Missouri to rigorous and exacting standards. You can rely on this stain to get the job done whether you are a DIY beginner concrete stainer or a professional contractor. We were one of the first companies working in staining concrete and now we are the premier source for concrete stains.

We provide both interior concrete stain and outdoor concrete stain to meet the needs of both concrete stain DIY users and professionals. With years of knowledge and real life experience, we can confidently say that we have the best concrete stain on the market.

In addition to the best acid stains on the market, Concrete Camouflage offers all of the knowledge and products that you need to stain concrete at home.

Our knowledge base comes from years of experience as both acid stain concrete contractors and as creators of the stain. If you are new to staining concrete and have questions about how to stain concrete, our knowledge base will provide all of the information that you need. If you need any question asked, we have the answer. From prepping concrete, to mixing stain, to maintaining your gorgeous new floor, you can find the information here.