Decorative Concrete Sealer

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Decorative Concrete Sealer
Clear Shield Concrete Sealers are Designed Specifically for Decorative Concrete. Bringing out the colors, while protecting and enhancing your concrete floors and exterior surfaces.

Easier - Greener

Clear Shield Premium and Advanced Formula Water Base - Concrete Sealers, are made with High Grade Acrylics and are classified Professional / Artist Grade.
Made in the U.S.A.
Decorative Concrete Sealer

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Approx. Clear Shield Coverage @ 2 Coats:

Premium - 400 Sq.Ft. per Gallon

Advanced - 300 Sq.Ft. per Gallon


Information About Clear Shield Concrete Sealer

Concrete Camouflage's decorative concrete sealer is a non yellowing clear concrete sealer available in two varieties: premium and advanced. Both the premium and advanced Clear Shield concrete sealers are suitable for interior concrete sealing or sealing concrete on the exterior of your home or business. Both varieties are a water based sealer. Either sealer is still among the best clear concrete sealers on the market. At Concrete Camouflage, we know how to seal concrete: we have done the work and put in the time as one of the pioneers in the decorative concrete world. 

Our concrete sealer is meant to be applied after the concrete staining process has been completed. Of course, Clear Shield concrete sealers are suitable for non-stained floors as well but was designed as a decorative concrete sealer to bring out the beautiful colors of your concrete. We suggest using the Clear grip  traction additive if you are using Clear Shield as an outdoor concrete sealer. The traction additive gives the concrete sealer a more grip like texture without making your sealer rough.

We advise using the roller listed above (or a similar product) to apply the clear concrete sealer. We also advise applying two coats in overlapping patterns as opposed to applying them in straight lines. The concrete sealer will take around 2 hours to dry in warm weather with low humidity. Afterwards, you will want to allow the concrete sealer to cure for 24-48 hours before applying wax or allowing traffic. 

You can also use a sprayer to apply the concrete sealer using a roller to smooth out any spray marks or heavy areas. 

Minimum application temperature for the concrete sealer is 45 F. The best temperature is between 50-90 F. The maximum humidity is 65 -70% and ideal humidity is 60% or less.

We can say with confidence that this is the best sealer for concrete on the market, made here in the USA, whether you are looking for professional concrete sealer or you are a hobbyist working on a home renovation project. If you are the latter and you have questions on concrete sealant, we are more than happy to help! We have built our business off providing answers from whether this is the right sealant for concrete to what is the best way to seal concrete. We could answer "what is the best concrete sealer", but you are already here!


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