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A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:


I wanted to thank you so much for all your help and answering our questions. Our floor turned out better than we even dreamed of. It is so incredibly beautiful. We have told a lot of people about your company and how very helpful you are.

Again, thank you so much. Terrie


A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:
I wanted to thank you again for your help and for responding quickly to my emails. We completed the project this weekend and I'm so pleased with the result. The splatters that I was so concerned about ended up not even being noticeable! The color was just what I wanted!
I also have to say that your website/resources was by far the most informative and helpful than any other resource I looked into.
Thanks again! Carey

A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:
Used: Saddle and Coffee mixed 1:1 and left unsealed.
Applied to pieces from old driveway. We were amazed and delighted by the results!

stained concrete walkway
A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:
Used faded linen, island sand, mocha, and leather brown. I cut the pattern into the concrete, by hand, with an angle grinder after designing and drawing it out with a pencil and level. We used a hand paint brush to apply the acid stain to each block. Easy do-it-yourself project.
stained concrete patio

A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:
Prep was the hardest part. Love the results. It was worth the effort.
acid stained concrete floor
A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:

I want to say Thank you for your awesome products. My wife and I were looking into alternative flooring options for the basement. I found CC and showed her what was possible to do with the stain. We figured for the price that if it didn't turn out well we could still do something else. After finishing, We are more then pleased with how everything turned out! I have included two pictures from our basement project. I used Riverstone and LOTS of tape to make the tiles and 2 coats of stain for the darker border plus the sealer and wax. Thank you again for your products! They are amazing and easy to use to get professional looking results. I wish I had more concrete!


A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:

Thanks to your effort we received our product Friday afternoon. Anxiously we applied the stain/sealer/wax. The results are breathtaking! We couldn't be happier! We are doing other projects that require concrete finishing and I assure you that you will be hearing from us. Thanks again for your assistance.

A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:
As promised, I'm attaching before and after shots of our dining room/living room project. We are pleased with the results, especially the dining room, where we put down a grid pattern of packing tape to create a tile-and-grout effect.
Thanks again for talking us through the project.
David and Saline
concrete floor beforeconcrete floor after staining

A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:
I am a die-hard do it yourself and my neighbors were very impressed with the look of my recently camouflaged walkway using your product, which is so easy to use! I am thinking about doing concrete camouflaging as a side business to whomever is interested in having it done. I love concrete camouflaging!!!

A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:
Thank you for your help with our patio project.
Your website provided useful and accurate information about your products and services.
All the products arrived quickly, well packed and were very easy to apply. Your email and telephone customer service helped us complete the project with confidence that it was going to turn out great-and it did.
Although we could have bought similar supplies locally, your products are definitely superior and were less cost, including freight.
Attached are photos of our newly stained and sealed patio. My wife says thanks for the tee shirt. Now I don't have one. I ran out of stain to complete the curbing so we are still not quite done.
Thanks again
Sid C.
checker board stained concrete patio
A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:
Your products worked great. People come into my house and cant believe that my floor is concrete, let alone that I did it myself! I am literally a walking advertisement for your website. Thank you for providing an on-line product that lives up to its promises (and more). It was more than affordable to stain all of the floors in my entire house for less than $550.00 and it looks like I spent thousands. I was skeptical at first but I figured if it didn't turn out well, I could just cover it with wood flooring and I would have only been out $550 for trying. It was well worth the gamble. It looks amazing.
Thanks again!
A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:
I recently used your driveway stain. I'm very happy with the results....................
In the attached pictures you will see that the design was pressed into the wet cement by a hand held device. The project was a family affair, my two sons and I poured 26 yards of cement, we leveled the cement, applied the design, and then applied the stain 30 days later.
Thanks for your help..................Jim R.
stained concrete drivewaystained concrete driveway
A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:
Just wanted to say Thank You for the outstanding service and results. I can't remember the name of the gentleman that helped me get my order before Memorial Weekend...tell him Thanks ! It's hard to find that kind of help in NJ.
All of my friends are shocked how easy it was and most importantly, my wife is very happy.

Take Care, Luke

A Professional Contractor wrote:

.....I'm attaching a couple of pictures of a job we did last week using your stain (Riverstone). I was very impressed and have ordered a sample pack to start doing color samples with....... I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Thank You, Mark.

stained concrete walkconcrete porch

A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:

So sorry I have neglected to send my photos and to thank you. I would never have been brave enough to try had I not found your how to video. 40 year old concrete basement floor. Not perfect, but a lot of character. 59 year old Grammy did it so can you.

A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:

Thank you! I have used this color on most of my houses concrete and am just finishing up the last bot with my order. The fun part of this is seeing what color the concrete wants to be. I love it so far and can't wait to see how this turns out. Mine has taken a dark brown color because I let it sit the full 24 hours. That was exactly what I wanted. My slab is 40 years old.
Thanks for the follow up email. I am glad I chose your company for my stain!

A Do It Yourself Enthusiast wrote:

My family and I wanted to personally thank you and your team at Concrete Camouflage for so many reasons. First of all, for the awesome products you create and sale. Our floors turned out beautifully! We were impressed with ourselves once we were done. This is a special stain I'm telling you now.

Let me tell you, we have in no way ever did ANY type of home improvement.... definitely not floors. Painting a wall is a big deal to me Lol! That artist grade acid stain made us think we were professionals! Secondly, thank you for the step by step directions and videos you have on your website. If someone follows the directions step by step there's no way you won't have a masterpiece! WE SURE DID!!!! In the beginning we tried to take a shortcut and we messed up. We were devastated... we had to sand the space again. The next time we took your directions step by step and Viola! A masterpiece!!!

We have received countless compliments... even some from ppl who take no interest in floors. My friends are saying, "do you want me to take my shoes off?" My reply... of course we do! Just kidding! Most importantly, thanks a million for you and Linda's excellent customer service! We must have called you guys no less than 30 times and every time you patiently listened and answered all of our questions. You were just as concerned as we were and it showed. We then realized that this was more than a business for y'all! You REALLY care about your product and your customers! God bless you and your business!

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