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Customizable Concrete Acid Stain Sample Kits lets you test colors prior to buying the entire amount needed.
Sample Kits

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About Our Concrete Acid Stain Sample Kits

Try out any of our concrete acid stains the easy way. By using one of Concrete Camouflage's concrete acid stain samples, you can see exactly what our concrete stains are capable of. Each of our stains are available in a customizable kit allowing you to test out some concrete acid stain samples before you buy the full thing. All of Concrete Camouflage's concrete stain sample colors are the same available colors as the concrete acid stain colors in our full size kits.

We provide concrete stain samples because we want you to be able to see our concrete stains in practice before you buy and so you can ask any questions that you might have before you purchasing the full size stain kit. We don't need sales gimmicks to try to sell you on this or that: we have provided the best concrete acid stain for the best price and our concrete acid stain sample kits show that.

We also have provided a knowledge base that is multi-purpose. If you have any questions about application, our concrete stain colors or concrete acid stain kits, how the concrete acid stain samples work, or anything about staining concrete in general, feel free to reach out. We are always happy to talk to our customers and help them stain concrete!