1 Gallon Chapin Concrete Sprayer
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1 Gallon Chapin Concrete Sprayer
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1 Gallon Concrete Sprayer - $18.95

How to Use Read all labels and warnings packaged with the concrete sprayer. Unscrew the pump cylinder and remove from the top. Pour liquid into sprayer. Replace pump cylinder and screw back down firmly into place. Turn and unlock the pump handle and then pump the handle up and down until the sprayer has pressurized. Hold the nozzle end away from anything or anyone, such as close to the ground towards dirt, and press the trigger to spray. Allow the hose and nozzle to fill and then adjust the nozzle end to the desired spraying pattern. You are ready to begin spraying your concrete project.

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About The Chapin Concrete Sprayer

A concrete sprayer is one of the most useful acid staining tools you can add to your DIY arsenal. At Concrete Camouflage, we have chosen this 1 gallon Chapin concrete sprayer as the most reliable tool to get the job done. This concrete sprayer was selected from a number of acid stain sprayers that we have tested throughout the years and the Chapin sprayer stood as the most consistent concrete sprayer. The staining sprayer holds one gallon of concrete acid stain and has an adjustable nozzle to make your DIY staining project simple.

This small Chapin pump sprayer is a strong concrete stain sprayer that you can rely on to get your project done. It will meet all of your DIY needs or your needs for acid pump sprayers as a contractor. The small size of the sprayers does not make it a great choice for an industrial sprayer, but it is well suited for small stain spraying tasks. The 1 gallon size makes it the perfect portable size concrete sprayer without being too small to get the job done! We can confidently say that this is the outstanding DIY concrete sprayer for sale on the market today.

Our concrete acid stain sprayer is compatible with all types of concrete stains. If you are looking for concrete acid stains as well, you can view a full list of all of our concrete acid stain colors here.

If you have any questions about spraying acid stain, how to use the Chapin concrete sprayer or other concrete sprayers, or just general questions about the entire acid staining process, check out our concrete knowledge base or shoot us a message. We are always happy to answer questions about concrete acid staining!