Interior DIY Kits

These kits are perfect for any DIY enthuiast looking to make a design change to the dull concrete inside their home. Concrete Camouflage's interior DIY kits are perfect for staining concrete by yourself. 
Interior DIY Kits

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About Concrete Camouflage's DIY Interior Concrete Floors Kit

Concrete Camouflage's most common customer is the DIY customer. While there is a good amount of contractors, DIY concrete customers make up the bulk of the business. To meet the needs of the DIY acid stain concrete consumer, Concrete Camouflage offers the DIY concrete floor stain kit. This interior concrete stain kit provides you the products you need to do DIY concrete flooring in your house, business or any smooth finished concrete for that matter.

Concrete Camouflage's DIY Interior concrete stain kit is the perfect match for anyone with the do it yourself spirit. The stain kit provides concrete acid stain, concrete sealer and floor wax to ensure that you have everything that you need to do DIY concrete flooring inside of your home or business.

If you have questions about our stain kits, the process of acid staining concrete in your home, or acid staining concrete in general, feel free to check out our knowledge base or send us an email. We love to hear from our customers and answer whatever questions that you might have.