Why Indoor Concrete Floors are Better Than Carpets

Indoor concrete floor

WHY Indoor Concrete Floors are Better Than Carpets

People are often surprised at how many options there are when it comes to flooring. Something that seemed simple and straightforward suddenly has a ton of options and variations for you to choose from. Now, while there are a lot of choices, we still feel that concrete floors give you the best bang for your buck. And to help emphasize this, we will use this article to elaborate on why indoor concrete floors are better than carpets.

Reasons why indoor concrete floors are better than carpets

When we use the word concrete, people's minds usually think of outdoor construction. Roads, pavements, pathways, patios... All these constructions are heavily reliant on concrete. But more and more people are becoming aware that concrete can be surprisingly useful and beneficial in indoor construction. Most homes and buildings these days are built on a concrete slab. For those that are not, or the concrete has been badly abused, you can easily put a concrete coating over the existing floor. And the benefits of doing so will likely surprise you.

Long-lasting flooring

The first reason why indoor concrete floors are better than carpets is that they make your flooring much more long-lasting. Concrete, as you likely already know, is quite durable. Therefore, with properly maintained and cared for concrete, your floor will stay in pristine condition for years to come. A carpet does provide some protection from daily wear and tear. But it is by no means comparable to concrete theta is cared for. Even after years of usage, your floor will look brand new.

No more allergens

People that suffer from allergies know how hazardous carpets can be. The reason for this is that carpets collect dust, dander, mites, and various other allergens. Therefore, even if you keep your house clean, your carpet can cause an allergic reaction. Well, if you opt for concrete flooring and then stain it, you won't have to worry about that. Concrete doesn't attract or collect any of the allergens that plague your standard carpet.

A person picking up allergy medicine, showing that indoor concrete floors are better than carpets for people with allergies.

Allergies and carpets don't go well together.

Say goodbye to mold and mildew too

In a similar fashion, mold and mildew will no longer be a problem. A carpet stain that goes unchecked can cause considerable problems in the long run. If it doesn't naturally dry off, it will mold beneath and could even spread that mold on your furniture, flooring, and walls. You can, and of course should, clean smaller stains without much trouble. But, for larger ones, you will need to lift up your carpets and hire professional cleaners. This not only means lifting and moving your furniture but also paying extra for the deep cleaning service. Well, if you opt for concrete flooring, you won't have to worry about any of this. Any spill or stain will be quite easy to clean.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

To help emphasize the last point, you should know that concrete isn't porous like carpets are. As such, it is easier to clean than the vast majority of flooring. Maintaining it is also fairly simple. A quality floor waxed should be used and maintained, which acts as a sacrificial and protective coat. Then all you need to do is to sweep the flooring from time to time. By doing so, you will keep debris and dirt from sitting in a single spot for too long. Once you do that, simply mop up your floor to prevent grime. For any harder stains, a standard mild dish soap like Ivory or Dove and hot water will be more than enough.

If you only consider cleaning costs, you will know why indoor concrete floors are better than carpets.

Variety of look

A common misconception that people have about concrete flooring is that it only has to be a dull gray color. Yes, 99% of the concrete used in construction is gray. But that doesn't mean that you cannot add color and unique beauty to yours. Your concrete floor can be pretty much any color you like. Furthermore, you can utilize different patterns and finishes so that your floor blends perfectly with your furniture. Acid staining allows for a variety of color choices with natural mottling and marbling effects built right in.

You can put concrete floors anywhere

Another big problem with carpets is that they are only suitable for specific rooms. Bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways are usually places where having a carpet makes sense, but you can also place area rugs in those areas if you choose. There are some options for the kitchen and bathroom, but these can be hard to maintain. And when it comes to garages, attics, and cellars, you can pretty much forget about them. Well, the great thing about concrete floors is that they are suitable for every room imaginable. Whatever purpose you have for your room, a concrete floor can be of aid. As you can make it look any way you want, a concrete floor will go well in both residential and commercial settings.

Many people think of using carpets primarily because they believe they will be warmer. What they fail to realize is that concrete acts as a heat sink, absorbing and holding heat, then slowly releasing it. This makes concrete warmer to the feet than you'd think, so concrete floors compare to carpet with their warmth and are much warmer than ceramic tile.

Concrete walls work in all settings.

Furthermore, because it is easy to clean and maintain, the concrete floor is a great choice, even if you aren't yet sure of what the room will be for. Now, you can get multiple carpets and keep them in storage until need be. You can even find long-term storage and pick from storage options a unit that fits your needs. But why waste money when a concrete floor will do all that is necessary?


In summary, there are numerous ways in which indoor concrete floors are better than carpets. Firstly, they are far more resilient to everyday wear and tear. This makes them far more cost-effective in the long run, especially if you want your rooms to stay in pristine condition. Secondly, concrete floors are less porous. This makes them far easier to clean than carpets. Thirdly, with concrete floors, you don't have to worry about allergens. Carpets gather mites, dust, hairs, and various other particles that can cause issues for people that are allergic. And in some instances, even deep cleaning may not do the trick. With concrete floors, this is a non-issue. Finally, due to the various colors and patterns you can use for them, concrete floors can perfectly fit in every setting.