Leading Concrete Stain Manufacturer, Concrete Camouflage® Sold! Sort of...

   When Concrete Camouflage was first placed on the open market, it sounded like an insane move at best, especially with the booming concrete stain industry, not to mention the increasing popularity in green products. But what do those people that work at and make up the backbone of Concrete Camouflage think about the new owners? You might be surprised.

Dallas, Texas (Press Release) February 24, 2010 - After becoming a staple, leader, and authority within the concrete stain industry, it certainly had many scratching their heads and wondering why they would consider selling at a time when Concrete Camouflage® was not only seemingly ready to burst with growth but was also quickly becoming synonymous with the term concrete stain itself. Even I wrote an article stating, more or less, that I saw it as a somewhat crazy move if not an altogether insanely irresponsible management decision. When it was first listed, their broker wrote in the offering and company details only that "the Concrete Camouflage offering for sale was because it was not the owners core business.”

   Being an inquiring mind, and after some continual probing I did finally manage to get a few reasons, a few theories, and even what was starting to look like a pretty convincing conspiracy theory. That is until I woke up that night and realized that when I was calling one of the V.P.’s earlier that day, I had actually dialed the wrong number. It turned out I had been talking to a somewhat lonely yet very humorous retired gentlemen, whom you never know, may have been on to something. Anyway, I never got any real substance. So being a fan of the superior quality of Concrete Camouflage Products, and out of curiosity more than anything, I continued to watch to see how this one was going to play out.

   With about a year or so on the market, the Concrete Camouflage offering was perused by interested buyers more than once to be sure. In a recent interview I was told that they had seen interests ranging from buyers with no experience or any real interest in the concrete stain industry, to those who wanted to only consume Concrete Camouflage in order to grow their own concrete stain or concrete staining business. Though interested buyers may have existed, the ideal buyer did not. While selling the business was a considered option, allowing it’s quality, integrity, or value to decline in the process was not an option. So who did it sell to then? And what about the question first asked, "what does those people that work at and make up the backbone of Concrete Camouflage think about the new owners?”

   Well, as it turns out, they love the new owners, because they are the owners. You see, Concrete Camouflage didn’t actually sell, as the stocks were divided up amongst those who do the actual work. Making it a completely employee owned company. Each person, from management, to the one sweeping the floor, everyone that you would see at Concrete Camouflage, or talk to on the phone or via email, has stock in the company. Bravo, bravo indeed.

   And so in celebration of their new employee owner status, and with their new powers, Concrete Camouflage decided to release a few new products, and make a few changes in the way things are done as well. For example they released late in 2009 "Fiesta-Stain” the new standard grade concrete stain line. And they just recently released "Clear Shield Advanced” the advanced formula water base decorative concrete sealer which was, by the way, over four years in development. And of course the new reformulation of Concrete Stain Prep, making concrete staining less expensive, easier, and of course greener. More on these new products in a follow up article. As for the changed policies mentioned, how does Free Shipping on orders over $50.00 sound? And don’t miss the addition of the concrete stain tips blog, the new concrete staining guide, and of course the ongoing Ask a Pro series which is helping their customers achieve better results, as they learn how to stain concrete and more.

   So there you go. The next time you think of concrete stain, think of the folks at Concrete Camouflage and perhaps you’ll decide to Camouflage Your Concrete.

For more information on Concrete Camouflage®, you can visit their website at http://www.ConcreteCamouflage.com

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Leading Concrete Stain Manufacturer, Concrete Camouflage® Sold! Sort of...
By David S. King
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