The Secret is Out!

Concrete Acid Stain, which was a "Commercial Only" product for years, is not only Available to both Contractors and Do it Yourself Enthusiasts, it's Easy to do, and Less expensive too! With concrete stain project kits, by Concrete Camouflage, selling for around or less than 50 cents per sq.ft.!
Easier - Greener
Concrete Stain has Become Today's Alternative to Traditional Flooring Products and Expensive Decorative Surfaces. Both Interior and Exterior.

Get the Look of Marble or Expensive Stone for Pennies per Square Foot.

Saves You Time:With one coat application stains and faster drying times. Residues that only need neutralized and rinsed, not scrubbed off. Along with faster drying sealers and mop on waxes.
Couple that with longer wear times, and You not only spend less time doing the project, but also less time maintaining it afterward.

Saves You Money:
Concrete Camouflage products are not only designed to go farther when initially doing the project, which means less initial cost, but they are also designed to wear longer, which means less maintenance costs as well.
Saves You Hassle:
Less maintenance obviously means less hassle.
But Concrete Camouflage adds to that, the fact that it's products are Artist grade. Meaning a higher level of quality, dependability, and user friendliness. Which equates to much less hassle indeed!
At Concrete Camouflage, You're not just buying premium quality products Manufacturer Direct and saving a few bucks. No way!
You're also getting the knowledge and benefits of years of experience, from the Ask a Pro Series, the Concrete Staining Guide, and an Outstanding Customer Service Dept., all available online and of course via the toll free telephone number.
Oh, and did we mention...
Concrete Camouflage Artist Grade Concrete Acid Stains are available in 23 uniquely individual colors. That's more than Double the number of colors found elsewhere.