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Welcome to Concrete Camouflage

Manufacturers of Artist Grade Concrete Stain, Sealer, Floor Wax, and Supplies.

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Saddle Concrete Stain

Buy Manufacturer Direct and Learn How To Stain Concrete using Artist Grade Concrete Stains, Decorative Concrete Sealer, Mop on Style Floor Wax and much more here.

Concrete Acid Stain is Great for all types of concrete both interior and exterior including concrete floors, countertops, driveways, walks, walls, patios and pool decks. As well as many masonry, cement and statuary products. This time tested and simple to use product effectively creates a unique and beautiful marble, leather, or expensive stone look.
artist grade concrete acid stain

The Artist Grade concrete stain covers up to 400 sq.ft per gallon when applied straight, though it can be diluted with water for a lighter version of the color and to achieve more coverage. It is available in 23 unique colors and you can choose from 5 different sizes.

Standard Grade is also available which covers up to 200 sq.ft. per gallon, is available in 10 colors and in 4 different sizes.

standard grade concrete acid stain

Also within the store you will find the
Companion Products, such as the Premium Sealer and High Traffic mop on style Floor Wax, along with many Tools and Supplies that should help you to complete your project.

diy project kits For more simplified ordering. We also offer customizable DIY concrete staining Sample and Project Kits, which are great for both the do it yourself enthusiasts and contractors. They organize the products by the square footage and color. As well as by exterior or interior use.

You will find all the Products, as well as their Specification and Data Sheets, along with free instructional videos in the "Green Product Categories Box" on the far left of the page.
Additionally you'll find some good and useful information on the Top Bar and far right of the page. Such as the Concrete Staining Guide, which is filled with many tips and instructions on How to Stain Concrete including how to clean and prep, use multiple colors, seal, wax and more. You will also find pictures and a printable Color Chart with 23 Artist Grade colors to choose from.
Be sure to not miss the Free DIY Video Guides where Earl Choate Ph.D explains the entire process in simple and easy to understand step by step instructions.
Advanced acid staining techniques can be found on the Downloadable Instructional Audio Segments. You'll find the videos and audio segments especially helpful for the do it yourself enthusiast, beginners, and professional contractors alike.
For even more tips, techniques, advice, and troubleshooting help be sure and visit our Blog. Through which, you can also visit the Blog Archives where you can search your keywords for specific help and troubleshooting topics.
Of course, when using our products, should you need help or have questions specific to your project, the Ask a Pro page and toll free customer support will be especially helpful.
Finally, though we have always suggested that you consider scoring your patterns and borders in for a more realistic look, there is also available a Special 3M Tape which can be used for doing patterns, borders, and artwork when staining concrete floors. While it's not recommended for rough and broom finished concrete, it works quite well on smooth surfaces. It's a great alternative to paper Concrete Stencils, which were designed to be used when fresh pouring concrete and are not at all recommended for use with concrete stains. This Pattern Tape replacement puts the power of creativity in the hands of the do it yourself enthusiast without the need for power tools or costly stencils.
So, take a look around. We appreciate that You took the time to visit our site and hope that You find what You're looking for.
If you need any help at all, feel free to contact us via email, the Ask a Pro page, or by calling our toll free number that is posted at the top right of every page.
Our phone lines are open Mon. - Fri. 9:00a - 4:00p CST (excluding Holidays)

artist grade products by Concrete Camouflage
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