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>Artist Grade Concrete Stain
Sample Kit - Artist Grade

Name: Concrete Stain Sample Kit - Artist Grade
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$15.95 ON SALE
Serial Number: asagsk
Manufacturer Name: Concrete Camouflage

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    Concrete Stain Sample Kit Includes: - Artist Grade

    • (1)  8 oz Bottle - Artist Grade Concrete Acid Stain
    • (1)  32 oz - Bottle Sprayer

    To Proceed:

    1. Choose your Included Color
    2. Add Additional Colors if Desired
    3. Add Extras if Desired
    4. Click Add to Cart When Complete.

    See the Artist Grade Concrete Stain Color Chart with Descriptions and Close Ups

    • Golden Sand usually has more of a Cola or Caramel look, though it can be Golds and Ambers.
    • Island Sand is usually Sandy, Buffy, or Rusty Tan.
    • Honey Oak is usually a warm mix of a Golden undertones and a light Brown overtone with Ambers coursing through.
    • Canyon is usually more of a Dark Copperish, or Brownish Amber.
    • Rosewood is usually a Terracotta Reddish.
    • Saddle is usually a Reddish, Burgundyish, or a Mahogany with a heavier coat or two coats, and more like a Red Leather Saddle with a standard coat.
    • Leather Brown is usually a medium to dark Leathery Brown.
    • Riverstone is usually a mix of light and dark greys on smoother concrete. Or a medium brown, sometimes with darker greys on broom finished, textured, or rougher concrete. ( To achieve the lighter grey, apply the stain in a light coat and neutralize it and wash it down after it has completely dried, usually just 1 to 4 hours. To achieve darker greys and browns, apply a good saturating coat and let it sit longer, up to 24 hours, before neutralizing and washing.)
    • Coffee is usually a Dark Walnut with Blacks and Dark Browns.
    • Onyx is about as Black, as it gets.
    • Turquoise is, well, Turquoise.
    • Slate is usually darker Green with either dark greys or Browns.
    • Mossy Green is usually a Light Pastel Green with hints of Browns.
    • Bronze Green can be a Green with Light Bronze or Dark Bronze highlights, or a combination.
    TIP: Darker colors are achieved by applying heavier coats and by letting it sit longer before neutralizing and washing it. Also be sure to not scrub it when neutralizing and washing it down.
    To achieve lighter colors apply lighter coats and neutralize it and wash it down after it has completely dried. Also when neutralizing it, you can scrub it some to lighten it more.

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