Concrete Staining Checklist

Materials, Tools, & Supplies Needed
Use Only Concrete Camouflage Products



Products Needed.




Supplies Needed to Protect walls, doors, etc.

  • Tape and Plastic.  ( We recommend the kind that has the blue tape already attached to the plastic, which is folded to about 4" wide. The plastic is about 24" tall and is unfolded upward after applying the tape at the bottom.)  

    Supplies Needed to Protect Yourself.

    • Protective wear for yourself, including proper clothing, shoes, masks, goggles, gloves, and respiratory protection as needed. (NIOSH/MSHATC23C or equivalent.)  
    • Common sense and a safe and unhurried attitude.

    • Supplies and Tools Needed to Score. ( You could use a helper or two here.)
      • Tape Measure.                   
      • Pencil.
      • Chalk line w/ blue chalk.
      • Extension Cord.
      • 4 1/2" grinder or Skill saw w/ diamond blade.
      • Straight edge to keep the saw or grinder straight.
      • *Square.

      Supplies and Tools Needed to Clean.




      • *Water Hose.  
      • *T.S.P. and a 5 gallon bucket.  
      • *Xylene, Citrus cleaners, strippers, mastic removers. ( Depending on extent of cleaning needed.)
      •  Rags.
      •  Soft Bristle Push Broom, Mop, Bucket, and/or Wet Vaccum.
      • *Scrub brushes.
      • *Scrapers.
      • *Kneepads.
      • *Sander, if the surface needs it.
      • *Concrete Patch material if needed.
      • *Concrete Trowel and rubbing stone if patching.

      Supplies and Tools Needed to Apply the Stain.




      •  Small cheap 1 gallon all plastic pump up sprayer.
      •  Brush w/ handle. ( Soft bristle like the one's at the carwash.)
      • *Paint brush maybe.
      • *Bucket or empty plastic ice cream bucket.
      •  Rags or old towels for the entry/exit point. ( To keep from tracking dirt in or stain out.) 
      • *Caution tape or warning signs to keep off.
      • Brooms, Mops, and Buckets for cleaning residue.
      • *Ammonia to nuetralize stain. Mix 1 cup to 5 gallons of water. ( Or you can use T.S.P. and water.)

      Supplies and Tools Needed to Apply the Sealer. (How the concrete looks when it is wet after cleaning the residue, is what it will look like when sealed.) 




      • Roller cage w/ handle and covers. (Paint Rollers)
      • Adequate Ventilation.
      • No open flame or ignition source. ( This includes the pilot lights in gas appliances, such as stoves, furnaces, etc.)
      • *Sealer tint if desired. ( Only used for camouflaging a bad slab.)
      • *Electric drill w/ paint stirrer rod. ( If using grip additive)
      • *Paint pan. ( If not using the 5 gallon pail.)

      Supplies and Tools Needed to Wax.



      ( How the concrete looks when it is wet after cleaning the residue, is what it will look like when waxed.)


      • Lambswool applicator (Recommended), or synthetic wax applicator or spongemop. w/ handle.
      • Paint pan.

      The tools and supplies listed here can be found in the Tools and Supplies category or at your local home improvement store.