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Concrete Stencils

Concrete Stencils by Concrete Camouflage  
Many years ago, the founders of Concrete Camouflage, were instrumental in the introduction of, Concrete Stencils to the everyday person. The pioneering, fine tuning, and eventual laying down of the very application guidelines that still holds firm today, forever embedded them and Concrete Camouflage into the history of Concrete Stencils.
 Concrete Stencils are Not intended for use with concrete stains.

 When intitially offered, Concrete Camouflage brand of Concrete Stencils were made with only Premium High Grade paper stock, these particular concrete stencils were designed with the coating material not only on the outside of the stencil but also within the stencil, helping to prevent stretching or breaking as easily. Classified Contractor Premium Grade. Manufactured in the U.S.A.
   When used as they were originally designed for, which was for use with fresh poured decorative concrete, concrete stencils looked extremely realistic. However, a more realistic look was eventually obtained with fresh poured concrete by using rubber stamps which could incorporate not only the mortar/pattern joints, but also the surface texture, fooling even some who lay real stone or tile as their profession.
As Concrete Camouflage's focus shifted from fresh poured concrete to existing concrete, along with the eventual awareness of just how many trees were being cut down just to make a single roll of stencil, the increasingly less difficult decision to exit an industry pioneered, was finally made and a concrete stencils alternative for existing concrete was obtained.
Though the Concrete Camouflage brand of Concrete Stencils are now only a page in the history books, they have been left up on this page as well, so that you can view them and obtain ideas and dimensions for when designing and deciding how you can use the Design Tape offered below, on your concrete stain project.

Click on a Pattern Below for a Larger Image and Picture.

( Large PDF File. May take several seconds to load.)


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