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>Decorative Concrete Sealer

Concrete Camouflage Clear Grip Traction Additive - $6.95 to $26.99

Serial Number: cgta

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The spherical and larger particles in Clear Grip traction additive, allows for a perfect balance between traction, sealer life, and particle suspension. 

It has a sandpaper type texture without being rough and does not effect the color of the concrete.
Recommended for exterior use in both coats of sealer
    • Each 6 ounce bottle treats 1 gallon of sealer.
    • Each 12 ounce bottle treats 2 gallons of sealer.
    • Each 32 ounce bottle treats (1) - 5 gal can of sealer.
    • Has slight matte effect on sealer.
Add Clear Grip to sealer in bucket and mix thoroughly with a drill and paddle.
Recommended use for exterior sealed concrete. 6 ounces of Clear Grip to 1 gallon of sealer. For an extra aggressive covering use 8 ounces per gallon.

Sealed concrete can be slippery when wet. If you are sealing on an exterior walking or driving surface, this product is a good idea. Even though adding traction additive should help, sealed surfaces can still be slippery when wet and should be considered so.

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